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27 High Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 3QH

27 High Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 3QH 01473 253599

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Complex or essential dentistry, our new dentist can help

We are pleased to welcome experienced dentist Dalia Odeh to the team at Harbour Dental Care on Ipswich High Street. Dalia qualified in 1997 and has had an interesting career in dentistry so far. Her first job was with the Royal Medical Armed Forces in Jordan, where she worked for five years, during which time […]


Protect your mouth AND body

UK dental health charity the Oral Health Foundation has compiled a list of five top tips to help us take steps towards a healthier and happier mouth. Ipswich dentist Malcolm Harbour at Harbour Dental Care is helping spread the message to ensure we all enjoy better dental health and improved general wellbeing. Get ‘in-ter’ interdental […]


Do your teeth work properly?

If we had bad toothache, we would book an appointment to see our dentist. But if we have lost a back tooth or have a twinge on one side of our mouth, we often accommodate this by chewing on the other side or choosing different foods. At Harbour Dental Care in Ipswich, we saw a […]


Searching for kind, calm dental care?

Malcolm Harbour and his team at Harbour Dental Care combine a modern approach to dentistry with traditional attitudes to patient care. At our practice on Ipswich High Street you will experience first class dentistry with a focus on prevention, education and attention to detail. Our small, friendly team takes pride in its personal service and […]


Do you feel listened to by your dentist?

Being listened to when we speak and feeling we are being truly heard is important in every area of our lives – and something many of us feel is not often achieved! Of course, there are lots of reasons why someone can’t give us their full attention. They may be too busy, too stressed or […]


Should I be worried about mouth cancer?

In the UK, more than 7,800 people were diagnosed with mouth cancer last year, says Ipswich dentist Malcolm Harbour, the principal dentist at Harbour Dental Care in Ipswich High Street. The number of people being diagnosed with mouth cancer has grown by around a third in the last decade and it remains one of very […]


NHS patients are welcome at our Ipswich dental practice

Be proud to show off your healthy smile At the time of writing this, the sun is shining, says Ipswich dentist, Malcolm Harbour. It’s glorious out there and with the warmer weather comes the shedding of our winter wardrobe. Legs are bared, arms uncovered and feet revealed. As the layers come off, we can often […]


Ipswich dentist says early diagnosis of mouth cancer saves lives

Ipswich dentist, Malcolm Harbour, explains that more than 2,000 people lose their life to mouth cancer in the UK every year. Although the number of mouth cancer cases has increased steadily over the last decade, more people are being treated successfully and are living for longer. Early detection for mouth cancer results in a survival […]


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