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Looking Good: Reshape and Repair

No one deserves to go through life not wanting to smile or laugh because they are self-conscious about their teeth. Luckily, if you are anxious about your teeth, gums or mouth in general, then there are lots of things that can be done to help you discover your smile!


While regular visits to the dentist should help keep your teeth and gums looking tip-top, sometimes there are things that cannot be prevented. For example, some find that their adult teeth come through crooked, or discolour easily, and although things can be done to minimise the occurrence these issues, sometimes it just isn’t avoidable.

Thankfully, with cosmetic issues like these, treatment is easy. For example, many young people have braces in their teens to ensure their teeth are straight as adults, however for those that didn’t have the treatment earlier Invisalign braces will straighten teeth in a matter of weeks. Likewise, tooth whitening is relatively easy and very effective at combating tooth discolouration.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a way of straightening teeth which uses a clear plastic gum-shield which acts as a brace to slowly straighten your teeth over time. A series of custom-made aligners are made which gently move your teeth from their initial position to the desired position little by little over a number of weeks. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks before being replaced by the next in the series, until the teeth are straight.

For more information on the process of costs of Invisalign treatment please get in touch.

What is tooth whitening?

There are several different methods of tooth whitening but all are designed to lighten the teeth and remove staining and discolouration. It is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments and therefore there are lots of DIY kits, however for safe, effective treatment it is best to consult your dentist to ensure that the chemicals are being used in the correct way so as not to incur damage to your teeth or gums.

For more information on tooth whitening please contact us.

Other times, it is an unexpected accident which leaves you feeling less than happy about your teeth. Chips and breakages can happen in a number of ways; from simple things like using your teeth to open something or eating an unexpectedly hard piece of food, to taking a fall or playing a contact sport – that is why it is  important to wear a gumshield! Whichever way it happens it can make you self conscious and leave you in pain and unable to use your teeth as before.

Luckily there are a number of options to get a broken tooth good as new. It will depend on your particular situation as to what solution will be best, but generally the options for fixing a chip are:

  1. Bonding

This is a simple procedure which works well for small chips. Composite material (a mixture of powdered glass and acrylic resin which can be matched to the colour of the chipped tooth) is moulded to the tooth to correct the chip. The healthy enamel is sanded to maximise adhesion and the composite is moulded onto create a natural-looking extension. It is then set immediately using a blue light which hardens the material. Whilst the composite material does eventually wear through use, it looks very natural and if it is looked after well then can last for around 10 years.

  1. Veneers

A veneer is a porcelain cover which goes over the surface of the tooth, and is designed to fix larger cosmetic issues that bonding isn’t suited for. The veneer provides a smooth, natural looking surface when fully applied and can last 10 to 20 years, depending how well they are looked after.

  1. Crown

Like a veneer, a crown is also a porcelain cover – except that it covers the entire tooth, not just the front. These are used when a large part of the tooth has chipped off, as they correct the tooth shape and prevent further damage from tooth decay and pain from exposed nerves.

  1. Implant

Implants can be a solution if a crack happens to the tooth just below the gumline, where a repair or restoration treatment wouldn’t be sufficient or effective. In order to put in an implant, the cracked tooth needs to be removed. Then, once the space has healed, your dentist adds a metal post on to which the implant (like a prosthetic tooth designed to look and feel like a natural tooth) is screwed. Although this treatment takes multiple visits with adequate healing time in between, it is a long-term solution which avoids future problems such as tooth decay or root canal.

Although cracking or chipping a tooth can be unnerving, there is no reason to live with damaged teeth. Likewise, no-one has to live being self conscious about their smile – life is too short not to laugh and have fun! There are many many treatments that can repair, restore and rejuvenate your teeth so if you want to discover your smile don’t hesitate to get in touch and see how we can help.


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