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27 High Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 3QH

27 High Street, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP1 3QH 01473 253599

NHS patients are welcome at our Ipswich dental practice

Smiling extended family share a meal in the sunshine

NHS and private patients are welcome at Harbour Dental Care in Ipswich

Be proud to show off your healthy smile

At the time of writing this, the sun is shining, says Ipswich dentist, Malcolm Harbour. It’s glorious out there and with the warmer weather comes the shedding of our winter wardrobe. Legs are bared, arms uncovered and feet revealed.

As the layers come off, we can often be our harshest critic. But what about our smile? We wear that every day – are you happy to reveal yours?

Healthy smiles are stunning

As dentists you might think that we want nothing more than to create bright white Hollywood smiles with identikit gnashers that are all the same shape and size. Not so at Harbour Dental Care in Ipswich. We believe that healthy smiles are stunning in themselves.

Each smile is totally unique and if you’re happy to smile and laugh with wild abandon, who cares if one or two of your teeth aren’t perfectly straight? It’s the smiling that counts.

Perfectly pink

When it comes to gums, there is only one colour they should be and that’s a healthy shade of pink. Red gums indicate inflammation and this is something that will certainly put a dampener on your smile because it means your body is fighting infection.

The early stages of gum disease are reversible so don’t ignore the signs, which are:

  • Red, swollen gums
  • Bad tastes or bad breath
  • Gums that bleed during brushing

Our hygienists are at hand to give your mouth a meticulously thorough and professional clean. They can also provide brushing tips and advice for keeping your mouth healthy between visits.

Smile solutions

Whatever it takes to help you feel happy with your smile, we have solutions. If that means that some cosmetic dentistry would help, then speak to our understanding and talented dentists. We offer tooth whitening, tooth-coloured fillings and cosmetic bonding, which can be used to hide discolouration, straighten slight twists and fill gaps.

Special offer

Tooth whitening is £150 until June 30th 2018 – that’s a saving of £108! Contact us now to book.

The door to our Ipswich High Street is always open to new patients for NHS and private dental care, so please get in touch to find out more about us. We look forward to helping you proudly show off your beautifully healthy smile.

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